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Wanhive IoT Platform provides open-source programs and libraries for building server and client-side IoT applications.

Devices and embedded platforms

Create connected products that can interact with their surrounding through sensors and actuators. Maintain complete visibility of your devices and remotely control their actions.

See the following link to a video streamer application that demonstrates the multimedia and multistreaming capabilities of the Wanhive IoT Platform.

Wanhive Netcam Java library
Smart device
Overlay network

Communication network

With wanhive hub, build a robust and scalable overlay network backbone that supports identification and registration of the devices and allows near real-time communication between them.

wanhive hub offers up to 10x higher throughput at a similar scale and cost of the best alternative.

wanhive hub is the swiss army knife of the IoT world. Use it to create both server and client-side applications.

Wanhive Hub

Management and security

Use Wanhive IoT web console to manage your things. Define how and when do your things connect to the network and talk to one another.

  • Access control by the device type.
  • Logical isolation between the IoT endpoints.
  • Proof of knowledge based distributed authentication.
  • SSL/TLS for data integrity and privacy.
Web console

Access control

Filter communications to prevent trust-based attacks launched by the compromised devices.


Force the connected devices to prove their identity to prevent intrusion.

Data security

Ensure integrity and privacy of data during transmission over an insecure network.


Define and manage your IoT endpoints and their credentials.

Build better Internet of Things

Design and build highly customized and comprehensive IoT enabled solutions for various use cases with the Wanhive IoT Platform.

Unleash your creativity

Create solutions for agriculture, automobile, healthcare, transportation, surveillance, smart city, to list a few.


Remotely manage your assets and control your operations.

Smart living

Transform your home and office into a "smart" space that senses your presence and responds to your moods and commands.