Created for developers

We take care of the technical complexities so that you can focus on the functional requirements. And it is open source!

Wanhive IoT Platform is a lot more than a messaging and indirection infrastructure. It is a collection of the basic building blocks which reduce complexity, cost, and risk associated with the implementation of large and complex IoT application.


Tailored for business

Businesses face intense pressure to increase service levels, reduce spillage, improve response time, and meet compliance requirements while reducing operational costs. Adopt the Wanhive IoT Platform to meet your goals.


Start within your current budget with a small footprint setup and scale-out according to the growing needs of your business.


Increase operational efficiency with real-time access to the relevant data. Build a reliable alert and response system.

Fault tolerant

Always stay in business with significantly reduced risk of denial of service and catastrophic system failures.

Multimedia enabled

Seeing is believing. Make your operations transparent and reduce mishandling risks. Improve your reputation.


Reduce the risk of intrusion, impersonation, and data theft. Protect your devices and your data. Increase trust.

Supports mobility

Generate valuable insights, make quick decisions, and take preventive measures from anywhere and at any time.

wanhive hub is simpler, smarter, and faster.

Wanhive delivers lightning-fast performance and unrivaled security at a fraction of the cost of the closest alternative.




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Wanhive News

Wanhive is continuously evolving. Keep an eye here to know what is new and happening.